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What is ATAS?


The Aegis Threat Assessment System (ATAS) is a proprietary Web-based system which gives ship owners and operators as real-time assessment of the threat environment on any route on which they plan to operate.


The system delivers a tailored report based on a sophisticated analysis of the threat information produced by Aegis’s Research and Intelligence Division. Those analyses draw on a worldwide network of sources, and cover threats from political unrest, violent crime, piracy, terrorism, corruption and other relevant factors. The information is updated continually by the Research and Intelligence Division, which contains acknowledged experts in intelligence, security, foreign affairs, investment banking, diplomacy and Naval operations.


Ships are required to consider threats to their operations when planning voyages, and ATAS provides an individualised assessment based on the best analysis of up-to-the-minute information. This permits operators, owners and Masters to plan their routes in the confidence that they know what the threats are, and how serious they are.


The ATAS Report, which is issued in printable PDF format, allocates a numerical ‘Weighted Threat Factor’ to every port or waterway on the route, to indicate the relative threat. It also advises where the threat is high enough to consider extra security precautions, and explains the precise nature of the threat for each part of the route. 





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